• jesse border collie
  • jesse border collie
  • jesse border collie
  • jesse border collie
Jesse Details
Status: Adoption Pending
Activity Level: Active Companion
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Weight: 19 pounds
Color: Black and White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Foster Location: Burlington, North Carolina
Adoption Price: $250.00
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About Jesse

Hi, I have been given the name Jesse by my foster family and I respond well to the name. They have written my previous biographies but since I haven’t been adopted, must be doing something wrong, so thought I would try my hand. I have recently completed my heartworm disease treatment so I am feeling good and able to play and zoom around the yard at full speed. It also means that I can go to my forever home and, as much as I like living here, I want my own family. I know that I am listed on a border collie rescue site so perhaps I have not been adopted because I am not a border collie. Even though I look like a miniature version I don’t have all the silly quirks that border collies are known for. Not that I don’t have some quirks of my own but they are what makes me who I am. As a matter of fact, some of my ancestors were well known circus performers because of our cuteness and athleticism. Modesty prohibits me from listing all of my virtues so will let my foster family tell you a little about me.

Dogs completing heartworm treatment can live as long and be as active as if they never had the disease and Jesse is certainly a great example as an active and happy guy. He has an adorable foxy face and striking black and white fluffy tuxedo coat. At just 19 pounds, Jesse bounces around the yard zooming and weaving or just tossing a ball to himself. If you need a smile, he will provide the incentive. Jesse is estimated to be about 2, has decent house manners, saves the zoomies for outdoors and is totally housebroken. He is tolerant of his kennel and up until recently has slept there quietly at night, but we noticed that he likes being on the bed so we have decided to let him sleep wherever he desires. He now curls up into a little ball and sleeps with us.

Jesse loves to play with other dogs, but some of the more predatory guys are not very nice to Jesse. We think his quick movements may set them off. He plays very well with our sweet, large senior girl and our not so sweet terrier boy. We do have to keep Jesse separated from our other foster who has an attitude problem. A few other dogs have also shown some aggression toward Jesse so, because of Jesse’s size and passiveness towards other dogs, we are very cautious when he meets a new dog. Absolutely NO dog parks for little Jesse. Jesse is a lover, not a fighter, as he lays the side of his face on you in a very affectionate way. Jesse loves to lie on our laps or close beside us while we are reading, chatting, or watching TV. If pets are not allowed on your furniture, Jesse is not for you. He has a few select toys he loves to toss around but is not destructive towards them. He ignores our cat who is about his size and we think he will do fine with children old enough to understand his bouncy ways. Jesse is very shy and slow to warm up to new people so a great deal of patience and understanding will be required until he gets to know you. A great little housemate with a sob story behind him.

Jesse is being fostered near Burlington, N.C. If you are interested in meeting little Jesse, fill in an application and we can set up an appointment, or if you want to know more, we will be glad to talk to you about him. He is a once in a lifetime partner who needs a fenced yard for those crazy zoomies.

Applicants must have a satisfactory vet reference which includes an annual exam, vaccines, a heartworm test, and purchase of monthly, year-round heartworm preventatives.