Is a Border Collie Right For You?

You may have heard that border collies are incredibly active and always need a job to do. If you don’t keep them busy, they’ll find something to keep themselves occupied — even if that means herding your children or rearranging your furniture.

That’s definitely true for some high-drive border collies. They have a lot of energy and would love to walk and play and learn all day. They might excel at agility or flyball and just love to always be moving.

But there are plenty of border collies and border collie mixes that are medium drive and even couch potatoes. They are happy just taking strolls or hanging out with you watching TV.

Every dog is different, so there could be a border collie or mix just right for your lifestyle! If you’re looking to adopt from PRBCR, read each dog’s description to find out more about their personality and energy level. Our volunteers can help find the perfect pup for you.