What people are saying

“PRBCR is an organization like no other I have found. the members care so deeply about the incredible border collie breed and sacrifice much on personal levels to find, rehabilitate, and place them in the best forever homes for those in need. I am in awe of what is accomplished.”

Teena C.

“I adopted my Kaylee thru this organization. They are the best and so is my doggie?”

Sophia P.

“these people go above and beyond to rescue border collies, rehabilitate them physically and mentally to assure that they are happy and thrive in their furever homes!”

Shannon C.

“Yes!! All of my three sweet babies are alumni of PRBCR. These people work their butts off to save as many BCs as they possibly can! I will always help this organization as they are wonderful and are well deserved with any help to save more lives.”

Jennifer M.

“PRBCR is a great organization and they great care with their foster and adoption process.”

Karen S.