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Honey Details
Status: Available for Adoption
Activity Level: Border Collie mix, Experience
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Weight: 45 pounds
Color: black and white
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Housetrained: Yes
Foster Location: Augusta, Georgia
Adoption Price: $300.00
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About Honey

Honey is a female border collie mix, around a year old and 45 pounds. Honey got her name from the sweet way she pours herself into our laps for pets and snuggles. She has an ideal temperament that is perfect for walking at the park or lounging around the house. Honey LOVES to play with one of her foster siblings and respects the others’ preference of being left alone. She has mastered the commands come, sit, down, crate, belly, is working on roll over, and will hop through a hula hoop. She seems to enjoy learning new things and the treat that comes with it! Honey walks well on a leash and appears to be housebroken. She hasn’t shown any interest in herding her three foster siblings or playing fetch, but does enjoy chewing the hard toys and bones. Her energy level is that of a typical one year old dog. She is a wonderful companion pet and will follow you outside, inside, and room to room. In the short time she has been in our home she has shown us love and loyalty. She even whimpers for just a few seconds when someone leaves the house. While she rides well in the car, emotionally she doesn’t love it… yet. I believe she will begin to with time and experience. 

Honey has not been tested with cats or small children. She requires a fenced yard to safely roam. No apartments.