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  • stella-border-collie
  • stella-border-collie
  • stella-border-collie
  • stella border collie
  • stella border collie
  • stella border collie
  • stella border collie
Stella Details
Status: Adopted
Activity Level: Experienced Border Collie Home Only
Age: born May 13
Gender: Female
Weight: 26 pounds
Color: Black & White
Foster Location: Burlington, N.C.
Adoption Price: $250.00
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About Stella

Stella is a beautiful and spirited border collie puppy, looking for someone who loves the intelligence and energy of this stimulating breed.

Like most herding dogs, she is busy, busy and needs a lot of exercise or mental challenges to keep her mind occupied. She is very active and is always in herding mode. She loves training and games. She’s whip smart and her mind just relishes the work. Stella needs someone who is experienced and knows how to train, give her structure, and direct her amazing drive.

Stella is great with other dogs, and nudges them constantly to play. She can be intense, and yet is also very sweet. She loves her human family and likes to be right by their side. Stella loves to give kisses and snuggle and is a Velcro dog with her pack, including the people and animals she considers family. 

Stella loves to play tug of war, chase a stick, and chew on everything. She is working on her manners, including walking on a leash, and is almost house trained. Stella chases cars and bikes, so she needs training to work on this behavior.

Stella would do best with a family that has another dog and requires a home with a physical, fenced yard. She would be an ideal candidate for tricks, agility, or other mentally challenging work. Given Stella is an active herder, she needs a home without young children and cannot be in an apartment. With her need to be active, Stella would thrive best in a home where she’s not left alone much of the day.

Stella is being fostered in Burlington, N.C. If you think she might be the right pup for you, please fill out an application.

Applicants must have a satisfactory vet reference which includes an annual exam, vaccines, a heartworm test, and purchase of monthly, year-round heartworm preventatives.