Princess Abbi’s Puppies

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Princess Abbi’s Puppies Details
Status: Adopted
Activity Level: Active Companion
Age: 8 weeks old (at time of adoption)
Foster Location: Burlington, North Carolina
Adoption Price: $250.00
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About Princess Abbi’s Puppies

Princess Abbi’s 7 little pumpkins are growing rapidly so will be ready to leave the pumpkin patch in November. These photos were taken when they were almost 3 weeks old. The pretty little pumpkins are perfect, healthy and developing their own individual personalities. We are cuddling and playing with them for socialization purposes but yes, it helps that they are so darn cute, cuddly and fun! To describe their special little quirks, we will be using high school metaphors from the early 60s to help portray our precious little pumpkins.

Faith is a sweet, quiet little lady with soft fluffy black fur. She has a white cross on her chest, hence the name Faith. In high school, Faith would belong to the Christian Clubs and visit nursing homes on the weekends. Trustworthy Faith loves to please and never makes a fuss. Faith gets lots of kisses on her big fluffy forehead.

Hope is a wonderful and loving sweetheart. Coat is a beautiful black with a white chin, toes, tip on her tail, and stripes on her abdomen and chest. She also is starting to show some reddish brown in her coat so could easily become a tri. Hope is a cuddle-bug who sleeps on my neck and makes little purring noises that puts me to sleep. Hope would be the teachers’ pet who always finishes her homework and gets straight A’s.

Joy is just that, a joy. She is an outgoing black, tan and white tricolor with a sassy attitude. Joy would hold court at the cool kid’s table, wear designer clothes and will probably get a convertible for her 16th birthday. Joy marches to her own drummer like nursing on her mother while lying upside down.

Pride is the guy first in everything. First born, first at the dinner table and first to climb on his brothers’ backs escaping the whelping box. Pride is black with a cute patch of white on his nose, a white kerchief, jagged streak on underside and on all toes. Pride will drive a motorcycle to school and be saving up for a tattoo on his 18th birthday. All the kids are in awe of Pride and his cavalier attitude.

Valor is a very striking stout tricolor. Colored black with tan points and a white tip on his tail and white on his chest. Valor is very inquisitive, athletic and playful. Three letters on his jacket as he struts around campus. Valor is the jock who is dating Joy.

Justice is gorgeously colored black with dark tan points and enough white on chest and throat to make him very striking. Justice will get straight A’s without taking a book home. Everyone wants to be his friend because he is so cool without trying to be.

Sage is a stunning deep dark brown with a white streak down the back of his neck and a small patch of white on his forehead and some white on his feet. He is the smallest of the boys, probably because he sneaks a smoke in the bathroom and falls asleep in the cafeteria instead of eating lunch. He already falls asleep while nursing. A bright little guy who occasionally sings (howls) and is playful and outgoing so may start a band in the garage. Sage is always joking around and makes us all laugh.

Our pumpkin patch is located near Burlington, North Carolina, and we welcome inquiries because we love talking about our little guys. A visit with your favorite in the fresh outdoor air can be arranged on any nice day. The pups need to be in their forever home so we can start heartworm treatment on Mama Abbi with no puppy drama to upset her.

Mama Princess Abbi is a well mannered purebred border collie who is a quiet lady and easy to live with. We hope the pups inherited some of her personality as she is such a sweetheart. Papa was a Rolling Stone so nothing is known about him except he was a Georgia scalawag.

As always, we thank Teresa for her photography expertise and our daughter Kelly for all her help taking on the photo shoot as well.

Applicants must have a satisfactory vet reference which includes an annual exam, vaccines, a heartworm test, and purchase of monthly, year-round heartworm preventatives.