Available for Adoption

Sex: Female, spayed 

Age: 7 years

Weight: 64 lbs 

Coat: orange and white, medium length 

Activity level: low to moderate, tires easily


We are looking to find a loving and patient home for our very sweet dog, Margo. We adopted Margo from a shelter about 7 months ago and unfortunately she is not working out in our home. We adopted her from a high-kill shelter, and when we saw her our heart went out to her. She was so beautiful, but terrified of the noise and chaos of the busy shelter. We decided to take a chance on her and get her out of that setting. We do not know anything about her past or where she came from, but have the sense that she has some past trauma in her life.

She takes some time to warm up to new people, but once she does she is very sweet and just wants to cuddle and get belly rubs and head scratches. She seems to warm up quicker to women than men. Despite being part border collie, she is a lower energy dog. She loves walks in the neighborhood, hikes in the woods, and car rides but she’s also very content to lay around the house. She has wonderful manners; she does not jump up, does not beg for food, and is generally a very easy dog to care for.

The reason we are needing to find a new home for her is that we have children, the youngest being 2 years old. Margo does not like him in the least little bit, and goes in another direction when he comes near. We watch him closely with Margo, and he’s not aggressive or mean to her in any way, but she just won’t warm up to him. On two occasions now she has snapped at him without provocation, and we are at a point where we feel we have given her time to adjust and we now have to protect our son. She just doesn’t like him and we need to find her a home without young children before a bite happens. She is great with our older children. She truly is a wonderful dog, she just needs a different environment without young kids. Another thing to bring up is she also has a small growth at the base of her tail. It has been seen by a vet, who said it was difficult to say exactly what is was without removal and testing. Her thought was it was a benign growth, but without biopsy is was hard for her to say for sure. It does not cause her any pain or discomfort and she has no issues going to the bathroom. We cannot pay to have it removed and tested just to know what it is when it doesn’t cause her any issues to begin with.

We realize it will take a special person to want to take a chance on her, I’m hoping this post reaches that person. She’s a great dog with a lot of love. We are really trying to avoid putting her in a shelter, but we don’t have much time to wait. 

Name: Corrie Bontrager

Location: Greenville, SC

Email: acbontrager34@gmail.com

Phone: 706-464-8240