Available for Adoption

  • Male, Neutered
  • 4 Years Old
  • 50 Pounds 
  • Short, Thick Coat
  • Up to date on vaccines 

Romeo loves to run, but can also be a couch potato. He does not know how to play with toys. I’ve bought several for him and he ignores them. He has anxiety/separation issues, which manifest as shaking, yelping, and shedding hair. I have not seen him around children, but was told that he was part of a pack originally. When the pack leader died, he started nipping the other dogs, and the owner decided to give him to the local shelter.  With research, I found that he was probably trying to find the new pack leader.  If he was trained and exercised well, I think that he would be a lot more social. He can do very well with people after meeting them, but at the moment prefers one person.  I am moving and cannot take him with me, so this very critical that he be placed soon.

Pieter van Houten

Marion, South Carolina



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