Available for Adoption

  • Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix
  • Sex: Male, Neutered/Spayed: Intact, though appointment has been made
  • Age: 14 months, 65 pounds
  • Coat: black and white, long
  • Activity Level: medium energy, tires easily


Winston is a 14 month old 65 pound Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix looking for a forever home! His favorite activities include being an oversized lap dog, rolling around with his lab brother, playing fetch (though never bringing it back), and never leaving his owner’s side. He is house trained, crate trained and walks well on a leash. He knows several different obedience commands and picks up new skills with ease. He is great with both dogs and cats. Winston is protective of the ones he loves due to the nature of his Pyrenees side so he alert barks and doesn’t get along well with strangers. He has had issues in the past with stranger anxiety and has been in behavioral training for the past 3 months but has made extreme progress. Winston needs to find a home where someone has the time, patience and space to continue his training. A fenced yard is necessary to safely expel energy, patrol the perimeter and act like the dog he was meant to be!

Personal Contact Information:

Hope Cordts

Athens, Georgia



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