Available for Adoption

  • Border Collie, Tri-Color, 42 lbs., AKC Registered
  • Female, Spayed, 1 year 10 months
  • High Activity Level/Athletic
  • Woodstock, GA


Looking to rehome Luna, a 1 year 10 month old, tri-color border collie. Luna is crazy about kayaking, swimming, frisbees, Chuck-it balls, her agility tunnel, 4 mile runs, hiking, snuggles, and baby sitting her chickens. She has learned, from her sister, to be a guardian dog. She is a Covid pup and has no social skills. I have been working on her socialization as she doesn’t like little people (kids) and men seem to be an issue with her. She has become aggressive with my Great Pyrenees/golden mix and each fight has gotten progressively worse. I have consulted with a trainer and things are only getting worse. For the health and safety of my dogs and myself I need to find her a forever home that is best for her. My heart is broken but her well being is the priority. A home with no dogs and someone that is very active would be best for her.

Contact Info:

Cindy Barnes



678-687-1289 c/t

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