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Buddy Details
Status: Available for Adoption
Activity Level: Companion dog
Age: Under 2 years old
Gender: Male
Weight: 30 pounds
Color: Blue merle tri-color
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Foster Location: Burlington, N.C.
Adoption Price: $250.00
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About Buddy

We have never had a foster whose name fit so perfectly. In fact, we were calling him Buddy before we knew his name. Buddy has come a long way since we began fostering him a few short months ago. He is such an interesting guy in many ways. He now moves with an air of confidence in his sturdy, colorful body. We are told that Buddy is between 1 and 2 years old, and a cattle dog/border collie mix. Very handsome; very smart; very lovable. Boredom is not an option with Buddy around as just counting his many colors and specks is a full time job.

Buddy behaves and minds well with maybe a little streak of stubbornness. He loves to sleep late in the mornings, likes his crate and owns the couch, but also goes off to be by himself for some chill time. He can be an affectionate snuggle bug when you need one. Buddy has an old soul, plays now and then with a chew toy or another dog, but not overly interested in chasing balls. He just loves his people. He is totally housebroken, rides well in a car, not destructive or needy, but thrives on love and attention. Buddy is more or less a one person dog who tolerates and likes attention from the less fortunate. Once settled in, he will evolve to be very loyal to his new person, but that loyalty has to be earned. Buddy will get between his person and any threats so we are sure he will be a great protector. Buddy gets along with other dogs, big or small, but would also do well, maybe better, as an only dog as he likes all the attention and can be a little jealous. He is OK with our dog savvy cat. It has been such a pleasure fostering Buddy and watching him bloom into his confident self, but it is time for him to move on to his forever home.

When Buddy arrived, at his foster home, he would react to high activity and loud noises. Correcting him was easy enough and now Buddy has gained enough maturity and confidence to pretty much take anything in stride. We still think a rather quiet home would be best for him. No apartments, condos or children will be considered for his forever home. A fenced yard would be best for his safety. Even more important, Buddy loves a couch. He loves lying next to his person sometimes and quite often naps on the couch. If you have a “no dogs allowed on the furniture” rule, Buddy is not the dog for you. We are not sure he knows that he is “just a dog”. Buddy loves his walks as walks are his job. He runs, trots, walks or even strolls at whatever pace you go, happily marching along with his person either ahead like a scout or by your side in the heel position. Unlike most herding dogs, Buddy does not seem to need a lot of exercise and stimulation. A bit on the lazy side until he sees a treat or the leash. He is content to be just a buddy, easy to love and easy to get along with. Still needing some polishing and a new home, but getting better every day.

Buddy is being fostered in Burlington, North Carolina. Applicants must have a satisfactory vet reference which includes an annual exam, vaccines, a heartworm test, and purchase of monthly, year-round heartworm preventatives.