Available for Adoption

  • 1-year-old Border Collie mix
  • female
  • Salisbury, North Carolina

“Guppy is a super sweet, kind, and loving little girl. Gets along with everyone, loves to play and chew on treat-stuffed toys. She is crate trained and house-trained, walks great on a leash, is learning her basic commands and tricks. She loves to play with toys in the house, wrestle with her buddies, or cuddle on the couch. Her strong hound nature makes her fairly serious about ‘hunting’ bugs, birds, squirrels and small animals outside, so she requires supervision outside and a securely fenced yard. She is up to date on her shots, is spayed, and is around 1 year old.

“Guppy is a silly goof-ball, but is independent and adventurous, will bark at intruders, but absolutely loves people and dogs. She’s still somewhat puppy-like but has some good manners and some training now. She has a lot of hound or terrier-type personality (most likely she is a Feist/BC mix) in addition to some of the Border Collie-type traits. She will likely chase cats, but could maybe be trained or desensitized to this, depending on the cats.

“She has moderate energy, and could run/play for hours outside, or hang out inside when it’s raining just as easily. She would be great with someone that likes to hike and/or has some time to spend with her daily. She would probably be amazing at Scent-Work (nose work), or Barn Hunt competition.

“She would not be suitable as an off-leash dog (maybe after extensive training), nor being left outside for long periods as she will dig out and go ‘hunting’ on her own. She has a habit of picking up and eating anything organic that she can find – bugs, hairballs, leaves, etc., and will chew on non-edible things also, like toy stuffing, wire, plastic pieces, etc., so she must be watched and/or kept from random things getting into her mouth, as we don’t know if she would actually swallow anything dangerous. We’re working on the “drop it” command with good success, but the drive to eat anything she can find is strong. For these reasons, we think an experienced dog owner would be required for this wonderful, silly little girl.

“In order to become Guppy’s new family, an adoption application and home visit will be a requirement, in addition to the adoption fee of $250 (which will be donated to one of the great rescue organizations in the area).”

If Guppy seems like the perfect edition to your family, please contact:
Robin S.

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