Available for Adoption

  • 3.5-year-old Border Collie
  • Male
  • Brookhaven, Georgia (metro Atlanta)

“Riley is a 3.5-year-old Border Collie with white hair and brown spots. When I rescued him in 2017, he was underweight and undeniably came from an abusive household. I’ve worked intensely with him, beginning from the basics of learning the feeling on love where he used to cower when we tried to pet him. He has come such a long way, and now understands most commands (sit, stay, lay down, go to your crate, etc.) but still gets overly excited when trying to greet people. Riley loves his crate and is completely house-trained. When he’s running in the backyard and chasing the squirrels in the trees, there’s nothing but pure joy on his face. We have two other dogs who Riley gets along with great, but they are smaller than him so his idea of playing can come off as overbearing, and unfortunately, he is just too big for our household.”

“Riley would thrive in a home where he could run outside (fenced in) and have a routine both physically and mentally (training). He loves his people, is obedient and is a great protector but he does not have experience around young children so I’m not sure how he would do with kids or their toys around and would be uncomfortable saying differently. I think the ideal owner that would either be a runner and could exercise with him, or someone who would be able to dedicate time each day to really play with him at a park or in the backyard. All he wants is to be loved and it breaks my heart that we can’t give him the attention he needs and deserves. There’s nothing I want more than to see Riley be rehoused in a happy household and never feel abandonment.”

If Riley seems like the perfect dog for you, please contact:
Nick Rosner

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