Available for Adoption

  • 3-year-old border collie/terrier mix
  • Female
  • 36.5 pounds
  • Atlanta, Ga.

Adorable, floppy-eared, dog prodigy seeking new home with an active companion who enjoys teaching new tricks and snuggling.

This bubbly, tail-wagger is 3 years old and up to date on all her shots. She is well socialized, enjoys sniffing out the window on car rides, and prancing at the park. This genius knows so many tricks that my dog trainer thinks she likely has border collie in her. Her mastered tricks include: jumping through a hula-hoop, sit, rollover, stay, ”do yoga,” shake, “find it,” scratch my back, and many more.

She loves to chase a ball and frolic with most other adult dogs. She likes to sleep under the covers and will be down to cuddle whenever. A natural born performer, she has the star quality to reach celebrity status. Her party tricks will earn earn her many admirers.

After thriving for two years in midtown, a recent change in circumstances has made Meeka interested in exploring the option of a new forever home. Her mom adopted her a companion to play with. Unfortunately, the new dog requires special attention as she recovers from a traumatic past. As a result, Meeka isn’t getting the attention that she needs to shine. Meeka wants to take her time to find the perfect fit and would love to meet you and see how it goes.

Meeka loves to play dress-up, and will be happy to bring her wardrobe along. Meeka will always have a home here if things don’t work out in a new home, but wants to find her best environment to thrive.

If Meeka seems like the perfect dog for you, please contact:
Liz Haywood

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