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Our rescue operation depends on our dedicated volunteers. We do it out of love for the Border Collie breed and a dedication to helping these deserving dogs find loving homes. And, we do it along with full time jobs, family responsibilities, and our own pets that need care and attention.

PRBCR has volunteers who serve in all capacities from home visits, manning booths, answering emails, evaluating dogs, taking pictures of dogs, to fostering. There is always a way for you to help out. You may be surprised how your specific talent can be put to use helping our organization be successful. No job more important than another. However without foster homes, it would be impossible to operate our rescue group. Very few rescue groups nationwide, breed-specific or mixed breed; have kennels available to house dogs waiting for placement. PRBCR relies fully on their outstanding foster homes to do this for us. In exchange, they have the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts to provide a positive environment, gives each fostered Border Collie a new chance at a forever home.

If you can not foster, do not assume we can not use your help. There are numerous areas where we can put your time and talent to use in our rescue efforts. We need people all over South Carolina to do home visits evaluating potential adopters. Learning to match special dogs with approved homes is as important as fostering. Other volunteers evaluate dogs that are being relinquished by their owners, or found in shelters. This requires being able to temperament test dogs, understanding border collies, and recognizing what dogs are adoptable. Certain volunteers help by keep track which dogs are waiting for foster care, what homes need home evaluations, which homes are best for certain types of dogs. These same volunteers share this information with the volunteer list to make the actual adoptions take place.

And the list of jobs goes on! We also need people who can work at our table during events where we do fundraising. Fundraising is critical for paying the vet bills incurred with each dog that comes into our program. PRBCR members can be seen at flyball and agility tournaments, sheep dog trials, and other pet related events. Then there is the webmaster who keeps information updated, a treasurer who monitors all of the cash flow, board members who make 'final calls' on business issues, volunteer coordinators, and many people involved in transport and rescue, and a lot of other folks who can not be thanked enough.

We all do one, or more these tasks for two reasons: 1) each of us truly loves our border collies and 2) there are too many dogs and not enough volunteers to save them all. But we by one. It is not the size of the job but the impact of what you do. Anything and everything that you are willing to do to help is greatly appreciated. Not one link in that chain is expendable.

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Please Print The Form (below PDF), Complete & Sign the form and email to one of the emails above. Welcome to our group and we look forward to working with you!

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