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-Bob and Chase finished second in the USDDN International Championship this past weekend!

Zoe, after less than a week working with the Bradley's, finished with 7 points at this event and 22 points at the next event. Donna says "Zoe is a sponge - she is soaking up everything and is so eager to learn. We expect great things from this little lady!" Come see the Bradley's, Chase, Beau, and Zoe at Greenville's Bark in the Park on the 24th!"

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Bradleys Skyhounds Qualifier - Pairs Routine

Bradley's Skyhounds Pairs Routine

Bob and Donna Bradley perform at the 2009 final qualifiers with their dog Beau. Picturs are from the pairs routine

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Bradley's Skyhounds Qualifier

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Bradley's Dog Beau performs at Bark in the Park

Beau Bradley performs at Bark in the Park

Beau, a 3-year-old border collie/Australian shepherd mix, is one of the “disc dogs” who will perform during this year’s “Bark in the Park.” Set for this Sunday, Oct. 4, from 1 until 5 p.m. at Mark Watson Park, the event is a chance for local dog owners to enjoy an afternoon with their pets.

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Seneca dog and owner earn shot at national championship

Bradley's make it to the national championships

Bob Bradley and Chase will compete in the U.S. Disc Dog National Championship in October.

Article: courtesy of Ray Chandler/Special to the Independent-Mail Saturday, May 30, 2009

SENECA — Around the Seneca area, when there’s talk of potential national sports champions, first thoughts might be that the players will be big and husky and will have strong legs, two to a customer.

But for one Seneca team on its way to national championships, none of that is really an apt description.

One of the players, the star player in fact, has four legs. And fur. And he isn’t husky, he’s a border collie.

At the U.S. Disc Dog Freedom Weekend Nationals conducted in Simpsonville over Memorial Day weekend at Freedom Weekend Aloft this year, Bob Bradley and Chase earned a spot in the U.S. Disc Dog National Championship that will take place in Cartersville, Ga., Oct. 8-10.

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Mission to Save Vulnerable Pets Takes Flight

Flights to save dogs

Photo by Jessica Nelms
Steve Edwards, right, will fly three dogs from Greenville to Virginia on Saturday as part of the Pilots 'N Paws program. Pictured with him are his daughter Jenna, to his left, his niece Alyssa and their dog, Buddie. (courtesy of

By Andrew Moore (Contact / Staff Bio)
September 11, 2009 - 12:59 a.m. EST
Article reprinted from

SENECA — In the United States, 76,000 animals are euthanized each week, and Debi Boies wants to save as many of those adoptable pets as she can.

Pilots ‘N Paws, a 501c3 nonprofit program, gets pilots to volunteer their time and planes to take adoptable dogs that would otherwise be euthanized to rescue shelters and adoptive homes.

“Oftentimes, when shelters are overcrowded, overpopulated, there just aren’t as many adoptive homes out there,” Boies said, adding that Southern states generally have the most overcrowded animal shelter. “We provide a means to transport the animals that are about to be euthanized to places where there’s actually a waiting list for adoptive homes in other areas of the country.”

On Saturday, Steve Edwards, who owns Eagle Media along with his brother, Jerry, will use his piloting skills to pitch in. He’ll fly his plane from Oconee County to Greenville, where he’ll pick up three dogs that had been scheduled to be put down and fly them to Virginia for rescue. It’s all part of Pilots ‘N Pets 5,000, a nationwide effort to save 5,000 vulnerable pets from euthanasia Sept. 12-20.

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