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A Special Happy Tail

Meet Dollie - a very happy girl now that she has found her forever home!

Meet Dollie aka "Dollie Dopler" and "The Carcass"

(photo by Donna Brooks Brisbin (Dolly's mom)

Dollie was a rescue from the ASPCA here in Aiken. She is severely thunderstorm phobic and is therefore referred to as the "Dollie Dopler" and is also referred to as "The Carcass" due to her deathlike prone position on the kitchen floor during the day. She does not even stir when you take your foot and slide her over to open the refridgerator door!

Dollie's first home was less than ideal. She lived with a mentally unstable woman who did at least give her a home, a little barrel to sleep in and I think she was fenced in. There were other dogs as well.

At the ASPCA, I took her out into their large fenced area. She walked on a leash okay and would do the nicest sit. I let her off leash and she ran off. However, she went over to go to the bathroom in the bushes, returning to me in her own time. I sat next to her on the ground and asked if she'd like to come and stay with me. She took her paw, ever so gently, and placed it on my leg and looked directly at me. You know I was hooked then. Inside, while I was filling out the paperwork, they called my vet for a reference. Vet's office advised that I would be an "excellent" home for a border collie. I'm sure she meant, "she's sucker!" Anyway, they brought out Dollie's card, and one by one, went over everything reported: Heartworm positive, chewed on furniture (my husband has lots of old family antiques), thunderstorm phobic, chases horses (I have horses), etc. The girl, as she kept coming up with each new thing looked and me and said, "I swear I am not trying to dissuade you from adopting her." I told her that it was okay, I could deal with all of the negatives, just to let me know, so I could be prepared. They told me that she would have to have her heartworm treatment immediately, but that I could have it done at a local vet all for the cost of the adoption fee ($75.00). What a deal! Naturally, they had to call and schedule it before I took her. I told them to set it up for the next day. I think they were shocked. Dollie also lacks her canines if you'll look at the photo, probably broken trying to escape during a thunderstorm.

Truly, had anyone else adopted her, she would have been returned, and most certainly euthanized. Believe me, she is not easy to deal with, but we love our carcass, who comes with her own script for valium. I went for a refill for her and the woman asked if I were Dollie. I had to explain to her that she was a dog; her reaction was way to funny. My husband, who initially was very opposed to a second house dog, after seeing the Pedigree commercial, came home, gave her a hug, and then at Christmas, paid a groomer friend for a bath a week for a year in advance for Dollie. She is now joined by the illustrious "Anna" who came from another shelter. Each Thursday, they go to the groomer for a spa day together. They come back with little matching handkerchiefs, pedicures, manicures, ear cleaning, and naturally, shampooed, conditioned, and with clean ears!


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