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These dogs have not yet completed PRBCR's evaluation process or are waiting for foster homes and are not presently available for adoption through PRBCR. We also provide this space to individual owners wishing to place their BCs or BC-mixes themselves. PRBCR does not warranty any information provided about the following dogs. Should any issues arise, PRBCR will not be held responsible. Fees requested and policies may differ from PRBCR. Please use the contacts provided to obtain more information or arrange an adoption - PRBCR representatives have no further information on these dogs.
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Updated August 12, 2017


Jack is a very mild-mannered and dopey dog at home with his humans in South Carolina. He likes toys and to play fetch, but he’ll also lay down and hang out if quiet time is needed. Jack is a 52 pound neutered male, 1-1/2 years old. He likes to be wherever his people are, so he follows a lot. He lives with two cats currently and while he doesn’t have an issue with them, he will give chase every now and then. He will pick anything up on the floor, or in a trash bag, given the chance so you do have to watch him on occasion. Like most of his breed, he is very smart and catches on to things rather quickly. However, he is fear aggressive and does not do well with strangers or other strange dogs. He doesn’t like hands extended to him if he doesn’t know you, but after being in his crate for a little while he whines to come out and seems to be ok. With training, he’s sure to overcome this issue and it is truly what we hope for him for the future. He has also developed a skin allergy since his trip from California to South Carolina, that may be flea related, but it’s made him very itchy and confined to a cone. He does well with it and doesn’t seem to complain too much about it, but we hope one day he can do without it. Jack is overall a sweet and loving boy who just really needs someone who can dedicate more time to his major needs and can help him be the happy BC that we know he can be! Contact Information Sydney E-Mail Address: Phone Number, (Optional): (803) 451 - 1925

Layla and sister Licorice (see next)

Layla a Border Collie mix, was adopted by her family when she was estimated to be about 2 years old, and joined her terrier mix sister Licorice a year older than her. She has been loved and well cared for by her 3 human brothers and mom since then. Divorce, full-time employment for mom, and college-bound kids will leave no one available to give her the love and care this sweet and gentle girl deserves.

Her tail is constantly wagging and she eagerly greets anyone who comes into the house (definitely not a watch dog!). Layla has a very clam temperament, but also forgets that she is not a puppy. She loves to play, and will offer you a toy to join her, but is also content to throw her toys for herself. However, she has an aversion to anything stuffed, like toys or bedding and will completely shred it. Layla does not love to be in the car, and does best riding in her crate if she needs to go somewhere.

Her submissive nature allowed for her terrier sister to literally take things out of her mounth with no reaction. She adores other dogs, but most of all people of all ages. She has never been exposed to cats. Layla is crate and invisible fence trained. She loves to go for walks or runs-given her enthusiasm, a harness is most effective. She does not display noticeable herding behavior, but understands "sit," "down," and "come" commands. Layla is very smart, and quickly recognizes routines, like meal, walk, and bedtime. She is most content to be wherever people are.

Layla is estimated to be 7 years old, 45 lbs, black and white wavy coat, playful, and active. Please contact Melissa at melissa.goldbert66@gmail or 404-617-9865

Licorice (and sister Layla above)

Licorice is a Terrier mix, was adopted by her family when she was estimated to be about 1 year old, and welcomed her Border Collie mix sister Layla a year later. She has been loved and well cared for by her 3 human brothers and mom since then. Divorce, full-time emplyment for mom, and college-bound kids will leave no one available to give her the love and care this sweet and gentl girl deserves.

She is the defintion of a lap dog, and will sit there as long as she is allowed. She has strong terrier hunting instincts and loves to pursue birder, squirrels and anything else that moves. She never actually catches anything despite her best efforts, but enjoys the chase and digging to see what she can find. She is crate and invisible fence trained. Although she knows the "sit" command, she sometimes exercises sleective hearing.

Licorice is definitely an alpha dog, and gets along well with her submissive sister. She loves people, but has gotten slightly less tolerant with very young children-but she has never shown any aggression.

Licorice may think that she is actually a cat, as she loves nap in the sun and refuses to go outside when it's raining. She loves to settle in and work on a good bone, sometimes taking all of them and placing them around her. Licorice enjoys short walks.

Licorice is estimated to be about 8 years old, 18 lbs, black straight coaat, moderate activity. Please contact Melissa email at or 404-617-9865


We have a Border Collie and lab mix in our rescue and we'd like for him to be adopted by someone who is familiar with the breed! He's good with other dogs, and they think he will be just fine with kids but he hasn't been tested with them yet since they don't have any. He's about 1 year old neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines! He's very smart, loves to play in the water whether it's in a kiddie pool, big pool or a pond! He has a lot of energy and would need an active family with a fenced back yard. If you can give Tigger a great new home, please contact: Alison


I have a 8 year old border collie mix here in Atlanta that has been my baby, and I need to find a good home for him. Unfortunately, my 2 year old is terrified of him because my dog tends to herd him and dominate him. He’s just not good with kids and I have another baby on the way. Very high energy and is trained. He’s extremely intelligent and learned to heal and stay and walk on the leash with the trainer within about 10 minutes 3 years ago. He’s neutered and has all of his shots. My husband has issued an ultimatum so I need to find him a home quickly. Do you have any openings or know where I could go to find a good home for him? I’m willing to drive out of state to find him a good home. Thanks so much! Michele Dean Atlanta, GA


Harry is a wonderful, people oriented Border Collie mix who is 5 years old and needs a new home. He is house trained and walks well on leash. He lived with his brother all his life , but they were separated when they had to find new homes. Harry has been waiting for a home for a long time now. He and his brother were unfortunate enough to outlive their owner’s interest in dogs. His brother found an adopter immediately. Harry is a little harder to understand and has had a harder time finding a home as a result. Harry is extraordinarily affectionate toward people. He is a real people dog. When I met him, I sat next to him and he climbed in my lap and insisted on being petted. I was his new best friend. But border collies are notorious for their idiosyncrasies, so I wanted to test him with my two girls. After a few minutes of getting to know him, I decided to bring out Lady Sadie. She is the calmest, most docile border collie that ever lived. If he didn’t get along with her, there would indeed be a serious problem. But he did! He did a proper doggie greeting and was very friendly toward her. So this seemed promising. Then I went to get Savannah Hannah, my boisterous, playful two year old. She saw him and immediately wanted to play. So she ran straight toward him. He lunged and snapped and growled. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get them near each other. Three feet apart, on leashes, he was fine. But if I could get Hannah to come near, he reacted. Sadie he was still OK with. In the end, we went for a walk a little ways up the mountain. Hannah pretty much ignored him. Walking alongside each other did the trick. Harry became a normal dog. He greeted Hannah normally, and stopped showing aggression toward her. He did try to mount both dogs. Sadie put up with it until I got him off. Hannah yelped and snapped at him but, and this is the important part, Harry stopped and did not seem offended at all. So how do we understand this? Harry was king of the hill in his two-dog pack and he has some mild dominance issues as a result. He doesn’t seem to be intrinsically reactive, but is just defensive, as the pack leader should be. I think he would be easily trainable and with some more breadth of experience with other dogs, would be a fine social dog. Harry has some herding behaviors so he is definitely not good with cats. Harry is fundamentally a sweet boy with some mild resolvable behavior issues. He deserves a chance. He would do wonderfully well as an only dog, or part of a pack with someone who understands border collies and knows how to gently introduce him to new dogs. Contact: Marti at


Beck is 4 years old, black and white short hair, weighs 48 lbs, and an active pet. He is a very loved and lovable border collie. He learns fast and responds consistently to several commands. He loves HIS people. Sometimes a bit too much and gets protective. In his home he is very slow to accept new people but once you are part of Beck’s pack and become one of HIS people he loves you unconditionally and never forgets you. He is very anxious around new people so the introduction process includes a soft muzzle for everyone’s peace of mind. He usually warms up with time but it can take a few hours. He enjoys the children in his life but does get upset when they cry – he will go to the parents and whine to let them know they need to attend to their child! Beck loves to run and play in his large yard – chasing frisbee or tennis balls. But, he also likes to relax around the house. He does well in the car and enjoys Doggie Day care playing with his friends. He loves other dogs and is very gentle and protective of smaller dogs. Unfortunately, we are caring for a family member with advanced Alzheimer’s which requires in-home care. It is growing more difficult to manage Beck during these times. We feel it irresponsible to continue to put Beck in a situation that causes extreme anxiety (not to mention the anxiety of the health care worker!) We feel Beck would do great with a consistent environment, one with other dogs and lots of space to run and explore. And someone to love him as much as we do! Beck is located in Greensboro, NC. For more information please contact Keith Learman at or 336-402-7299.


approx 44 Pounds and Age: 1 Year (best estimate)
Exercise Needs: Moderate
Shedding Amount: Moderate
Reaction to New People: Friendly
Hey all!
My name is Chance! I'm about a year old and am looking for a fun-loving home! I am VERY friendly! You cannot help but love me! I'm a little ball of energy... fun, playful, young, loves other dogs and is good with kids (not so much with cats - but hey - who can blame me?). Come meet me and you too will be glad you did! Let's have some fun!
Please visit my website:
More about Chance Good with Dogs, Not Good with Cats, Good with Kids, Good with Adults, Requires a yard, Likes to play with toys, Playful, Affectionate, Eager To Please. If you can give Chance a good home, please email:

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