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Meet our adoptable border collies

UPDATE! Thank you for your generosity!
So far we have raised 4300.00
These dogs are so grateful for your help!

Jose and Sam need your help!
Both dogs need surgery and
the total cost is around 5000.00

We need your help today to help thest two sweet 1 yr olds have a chance at a happy life!

PRBCR foster girl Josie had severe complications from her spay surgery and almost bled out. Early Sunday morning she underwent a 2- hour emergency operation which resulted in a 2-foot bowel recession. Her prognosis after she awoke from the anesthesia was 50-50 which the foster family considered good cause they thought she was going to cross the Rainbow Bridge for sure. The resiliency of a young dog is amazing, as is Josie, because by Monday afternoon she was acting like nothing had happened. Barring complications, after a 3-week quiet period to permit the healing process to occur she will be as good as new. Once a dog becomes part of the PRBCR family the rescue spares no expense to insure that the health and welfare of the rescued dog is maintained. This visit to an emergency veterinary hospital drained a large sum of money from the reserves so we are looking for donations to help pay for this miracle girl's treatment. Josie is just too sweet to die young.

Sam has a very rare genetic defect called a congenital soft palate. This means the back of his throat stops short and there isn't much to close off his airway from his esophagus. If he eats with his head down he can get food and other things he puts in his mouth stuck in his nasal cavity. How rare? The surgeon at NC State Vet College has only seen one other case in 15 years. The good news is that there is a surgery procedure that stands a good chance of at least helping Sam live a better life. Surgeries are not cheap and these two fosters will cost PRBCR around 5000.00. This is after the North Carolina College of Veterinary Medicine has offered to do the procedure for half the normal cost.

Please help these two 1 yr old puppies have a chance at a long happy life! All donations are tax deductible!


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